Idea & Concept

We are Masters of Idea & Concept

We can take your existing concept and creatively develop it into a polished final product. Or we can help you build a completely new IP from the ground up.
Top Notch Art & Design

We Utilize the Best Team

We have a strong in-house team that handles a majority of our work, but we also aren't afraid to utilize some of the best outside talent as needed.
Quality Production

Eye on Production

We work very closely with our sister company, to produce the best possible products for you. We have the attention to detail needed to work with factories all across the globe.
Legal, Safety, & Patents

Strong Understanding of Legal Issues

We have over 12 years experience with important IP issues such as Product Safety Testing, Importing of Products, Patents, & Copyrights. The things no one wants to think about, but have to be done right.

DSG Studios is an art development company. We specialize in strong Branding and IP Development. With over 12 years experience in toy production, video game development, character & IP design, and company branding, we can handle the look and feel of your entire Intellectual Property. Let us take your product to the next level in professionalism and profitability.

Latest Projects